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we tell you when your servers goes down.
it’s free, global and reliable.

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What is Monitor2?

test your servers every minute
add your server or website using our easy interface & tell us how often we should test it. when it goes down - we know.
get notified via e-mail or SMS
when something goes down we instantly contact you by e-mail or sms. create how many contacts as you like .
built with reliability in mind
our global network ensures that each test are done with perfection, whether you're a blogger or a large corporation.

Lots of features

Website monitoring

Website monitoring

Our system checks your website on a set interval and looks for a text of your choice.
Server monitoring

Server monitoring

We check if the server responds on a set port. Detect firewall failures!
Email monitoring

Full e-mail delivery

We send a test email and wait for it to arrive. Both incoming and SMTP tests.
SMS and Email alerts

SMS & E-mail alerts

When a server goes down we alert you via SMS or e-mail. Unlimited contacts!
Worldwide network

Worldwide network

Our test servers are located all around the globe and use different network suppliers.
Uptime monitoring

Test every 30 seconds!

Run your most critical tests really often. Down to every 30 seconds! (1 min for free)
Graphs and monitoring over time

Response time

Monitor how your response time changes during the day.
Email monitoring

Write your own scripts

Run different scripts when servers goes down and up. Suitable for failovers.
Customer support

Public reports

Share your current status, uptime and history easily.